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End of Summer Update

Hey everyone! I apologize for my lack of activity on both this blog as well as the social media accounts I created this spring. This summer has been quite the learning experience for me and I feel that I have learned a lot and am in a great place as I prepare to head down to Florida tomorrow for the winter.

This summer featured a combination of some of the best and worst golf that I have played since turning professional last fall. In my last three events, I positioned myself in great spots to succeed. Up in the UP, I was tied for lead with 10 holes to play in the final round. At my Pre-Qualifying Stage of Korn Ferry Qualifying School, I shot 69 in the first round while playing alongside Tony Romo (plus the 10-15 spectators that followed our group), as well as put myself 4 strokes inside of the ultimate 54 hole cut-line with 22 holes remaining. And most recently, I shot my career-low round as a professional (65) in my pursuit to defend my title at the Toledo Open, and was tied for the lead heading into the final round. Ultimately, I fell short of achieving my goals in each of these events. These shortcomings were definitely difficult to manage mentally. Golf in general, being the up-and-down game that it is, already takes such a large toll on your mental strength, and these "failures" did not aid in boosting my self-confidence and positivity towards the direction that my golf game was going. For a while, it was very difficult for me to not focus on all of the negatives, and the idea that I was just choking down the stretch each time. However, time heals all wounds, and more recently I have began to reflect on all of the positives from each event, and additionally, how I can use everything that I have learned from these experiences as fuel to fire my motivation to keep getting better.

My plans this upcoming fall/winter will be very similar to how the ended this past year. I will be working part-time and playing golf out of Championsgate, just outside of Orlando. Additionally, after learning about what events are the best value down there, it will be much easier this time around to create my tournament schedule, which I plan on updating you all with soon.

Lastly, I am excited to say that golf game is feeling strong as of late. I recently started trying out a left-hand low putting grip, which I have seen immediate success with, winning a few scrambles and shooting a personal best 63 at my home course Washtenaw Golf Club. I am very excited and eager to get back to work down there and to competing against great competition. This upcoming week I will actually be caddying for my housemate Beau at his Second Stage site for Korn Ferry Qualifying school in Alabama, which I will definitely use as an opportunity to watch and learn from him and all of the great players we will be competing against.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update. Your support of me and my personal development on and off the golf course means so much more than you know, and I am incredibly grateful for the support. One of my goals is to be more active on both the blog and social media accounts this upcoming season while I am down in Florida, and I look forward to updating you all again very soon!

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